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  • Baldivis


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  • Mount Hawthorn

    Mount Hawthorn

    Mount Hawthorn is a suburb of Perth, Western Australia, located within the City of Vincent.

    The Mount Hawthorn area was first selected for urban development in 1887. In the late 1890s part of it was purchased by a syndicate of Edward Wittenoom, a politician and pastoralist; James Hicks and C. L. W. Clifton. When this group subdivided their land in 1903, Hicks called his portion of the subdivision Hawthorn Estate, as he had recently been in Melbourne and stayed at Hawthorn.

    World War I heritage


    A notable former resident was war hero Thomas Axford, a recipient of the Victoria Cross (in 1918) and the Military Medal. "Axford Park", opposite the intersection of Scarborough Beach Road and Oxford Street, is named in his honour.

    "Anzac Cottage", the house at 38 Kalgoorlie Street, was built by local tradespeople in the space of 24 hours, to house returned veterans as well as to honour those lost in action. One of the first to live here was Private John Porter, a wounded Gallipoli veteran. His lost mate, 19-year-old Leslie Wilkinson (killed in action at Gallipoli on 28-June-1915) is also honoured on a small plaque on the flagpole in front of the cottage.


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  • Hillman


    Hillman is an outer southern suburb of Perth, the capital city of Western Australia, located within the City of Rockingham. It is principally a suburb of residential dwellings, and is the location of Hillman Primary School.

    The suburb was created and named in 1970 after Alfred Hillman, a draftsman, surveyor and explorer, who arrived in Western Australia in 1831 and made many initial surveys in the Rockingham area.[2] On 7 May 2009, a boundary realignment of Cooloongup and Hillman approved by the Minister for Lands incorporated the Rockingham Train Station into Rockingham.

    A significant portion of the north and east portions of the suburb is incorporated into Rockingham Lakes Regional Park.



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  • Hamilton Hill

    Hamilton Hill


    The earliest known settler at Hamilton Hill was Sydney Smith, the agent of Captain George Robb. Robb arrived in Western Australia in 1830 and took up land south of Fremantle. During the next twelve months Smith was actively engaged in establishing Robb's farm. In a letter dated 27 August 1830, he gives his address as Hamilton Hill. The origin of the name, and whether it was Robb or Smith who did the naming, remains uncertain but the area has been known as such ever since.

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  • Waikiki


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