Tenant Information

It is important when renting a property, that you understand all the procedures involved. Here are some useful tips, covering searching online and including links to useful websites.  

Tenancy obligations:
As a tenant it is your responsibility to ensure you meet, and do not breach any of the terms and conditions set out in your Lease agreement and in the Residential Tenancies Act. These include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Not causing damage to the premises and informing the landlord/manager ASAP if any damage has occurred
  • Asking for the landlord’s permission prior to installing fixtures or making alterations or renovations of any kind to the property
  • Avoid causing nuisance to the landlord or neighbours
  • Not participating in illegal activities on the premises
  • Maintaining upkeep of property (unless otherwise stated in contract), such as: keeping property clean, replacing light bulbs & reticulation head fittings, cleaning windows, garden maintenance etc…
  • Adhering to property inspections when required (manager/landlord must give at least 7 – 14 days notice in writing)
  • Making sure the rent is always up-to-date and paid on time

Vacating the premises:
If you’re on a fixed lease agreement which is about to expire, you do not wish to renew it and you’ve given the suitable notice; or either yourself or the landlord has given the relevant notice on a periodic lease, then it’s time to vacate.

You may be able to break a fixed lease agreement – if you need to do so, then please speak to your property manager about the legal and financial ramifications.

Upon conclusion of your tenancy, you are required to vacate the premises and return the keys to the property manager. They will then complete a final bond inspection.  If no faults/cleaning is applicable, then you will be required to sign a bond disposal form to withdraw your security bond to be returned/refunded to you.